Franchesco's Hosts Club Blue Kick Off Party

ROCKFORD - Club Blue raises money for Carrie Lynn Children's Center for abused children around the stateline.
ROCKFORD - Franchesco's hosts the Club Blue kick off party for the Carrie Lynn Children's Center Wednesday night.

The event raises money to help abused children in the stateline. This is the third such gathering, and the first time time they had a kick off party for the event.

Organizers say it's a way to give thanks to the people who make their work possible. Co-chair of Club Blue 2014 Jayme Bastian explained, "We couldn't do this event without all of these people here that support it and contribute to it. And the end result is giving money to the Carrie Lynn Center to help take care of the children that are abused in our community."

Club Blue's goal for this year's event is to raise $200,000 for the Center.
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