Girls Golf Classic 7/22/13

Girls Golf Classic 7/22/13

<br>Melissa VanSistine won the Girls Golf Classic Monday at Ingersoll.
Rockford, Illinois-Melissa VanSistine won the Girls Junior Golf Classic Monday at Ingersoll. She shot a 78.  VanSistine recently graduated from Boylan High School.  She plans to play golf collegiately at Lewis University.

Maggie Kaiser, a current Boylan student, had the next best score of the day an 83.

One of the pre-tournament favorites 13 year old Madasyn Pettersen did not play due to an injury. But her 7 year old sister Isabella did win her age group.

Following is a list of the age group winners:

5-7 year old: Isabella Pettersen (4 hole Learning Links)
8-10 year old: Molly Scheopfer (4 hole Learning Links)
11 years & older: Isabella Zammuto (4 hole Learning Links)

8-10 year old: Alexia Bounleutay (9 holes)
11-12 year old: Katelyn Sayyalinh (9 holes)
13-14 year old: Emily Althof (9 holes)

13-14 year old: Jessica Slattery (18 holes)
15-16 year old: Kelsey Page (18 holes)
17-18 year old: Melissa VanSistine (18 holes)
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