Google Pays Visit to Local Teens Warning Against Internet Dangers

Google Pays Visit to Local Teens Warning Against Internet Dangers

Do you think before you post? Google is urging teens to watch their internet footprint.

ROCKFORD- Eisenhower Middle School students learn how to improve their presence online. Google visited the school during their "Good to Know Road Show."

With 93% of teens online school administrators say they have issues with social media and cyber bullying.

"Mostly Facebook and other things like that, kids are always, you know we have the possibility of cyber bullying and things like that. That’s one of the things we're really looking forward to trying to fix that problem," explained Eisenhower Middle School Assistant Principal Jeff Shillinger.

The assembly is stressing strong passwords, locking devices and thinking before sharing. Google experts showed students how easy it is for a picture to be shared with thousands of viewers across the internet.

"It is great to see the audience engage in a really dynamic way and to make sure they understand all of these core tips," said Google Spokeswoman Jamie Hill.

Tips that will help teens make good decisions like being positive when posting and commenting on Facebook and Twitter.

"Middle school is when teens start to communicate online and use the internet more and more frequently and so we think it's the best time to help them develop some really best practices and learn these tips so they can continue to have a really amazing experience online," said Hill.

Assistant Principal Shillinger wants to make sure teens use their privacy settings and avoid online scams.

"Social media is an important part of their lives; kids are all over Facebook and everything else, it's very important for us for kids to have appropriate communications on there as well as internet safety," said Shillinger.

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