Gosh Darn! Illinois One of the Worst for Swearing

Gosh Darn! Illinois One of the Worst for Swearing

Study of customer service calls show we swear a &^%$#!! lot!
WTVO/WQRF -- Illinois tops a list your mom might not be too happy about. We are the fifth worst state in the U.S. when it comes to using profanity. WCIA-3's Alex Davis has more.

We've all probably let a curse word loose a time or two, but a new study shows it may be one or two too many. Turns out Illinois is lacking in customer service call etiquette.

"It can be very frustrating waiting for someone to come and talk to you about a problem you may have."

For Bob Fees, cursing was a hard habit to break.

"I was in the Navy for a number of years and when I got out, I swore like a sailor. It took me a long time to break myself of that habit so I would not curse."

Occasionally, over a heated talk with a customer service rep, he may have the urge to let one out.

"Everybody has good days and bad days, but I try to be very patient with whoever I'm talking with."

That's why it comes as no surprise to Fees that Illinois ranks fifth for states where people are most likely to curse over customer service calls.

"No, it does not, especially when you take Chicago into account. It seems to be their first language over there is cursing."

To reach the rankings, Marchex Institute researchers combed through 600,000 customers service phone calls over the last twelve months, scanning for curse words and linking the frequency to all fifty states.

The study didn't explain why so many a-, s- and f-words came up, but some have their own ideas.

"For customer service calls, it's kind of anonymous because you don't know. You don't see the person on the other side of the line. They can't, there's no sort of way for them to get back at you immediately and so they're sort of a soft target."

Some have advice.

"The other person on the other end is just trying to do their job and I understand that, even though they may not appreciate my position at the time when I'm talking to them."

Among other findings, 66% of the cursing is done by men and people were more likely to curse if the call was longer than ten minutes.

The five states least likely to curse are Washington, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas and Virginia.
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