Hot Shots Friday

From the debut of a bouncing baby wallaby to an incredible reunion with a lost family dog, here's tonight's Hot Shots.

Making his debut is noah the baby wallaby-- kind of a mini kangaroo. He's part of an international program in germany to encourage breeding. Wallabys are native to australia. The pups are born underdeveloped...Since the mom's only pregnant about a month. They stay in the pouch for about seven months after they're born.

Strange photo to show you tonight. Look at what this deer has caught between his antlers! It's why deer shouldn't play soccer. Maybe he thought it was an enemy and rammed into it?

Finally, a nice reunion involving a missouri family and their dog honey. Honey ran off in july, traveling over 600 miles to georgia. She was microchiped 10 years ago, but rescuers didn't find it at first. But right before another family was to adopt honey, the animal shelter scanned for the chip again and this time they found it. Honey is back with her family, but they still have no idea how honey ended up so far away.
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