Hot Shots Friday

From cute & cuddly lion cubs to a wild plane landing on a beach in New Zealand, we've got your Friday night Hot Shots.
Let's start with some cute and cuddly The San Diego zoo showing off a new pair of lion cub siblings.  The brother and sister cubs had to be fed by animal care workers after their mom abandoned them.

Let's just drop it here. A small plane making an emergency landing on a New Zealand beach. Engine problems apparently. The pilot tried taking off again but hit the water and busted the wing. Lesson learned? Park it, and enjoy the scenery.

Finally some old school ice harvesting in New Hampshire. Workers cut ice blocks from a lake brick by brick-- 150 pounds each--  to be used by a local summer campground. The camp has electricity, but the customers love the ice boxes so much they never switched to refrigeration. In fact, they promote the ice box system in their ads! The blocks are stored in an ice house, packed in sawdust. Even in the hottest summers, they've never run out of ice.

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