Hot Shots Friday

Hot Shots Friday

From a human Christmas tree to a a preview of the world's fastest water slide, we've got your Friday edition of Hot Shots.

It's a gigantic human christmas tree! 852 kids dressed in green, red and brown hoodies stood in perfect formation. It took over 15 minutes just to assemble the group in the right order! It breaks the previous record set in Germany in 2011.

Sheep helping the cops? Neighbors in Washington state are fed up after a string of robberies so they've hired sheep to eat the overgrown bushes. Police on patrol couldn't see into the local park because the bushes were too tall-- and that's where a lot of the problems have been happening. They do a great job and you don't have to provide lunch.

Finally, if you like water thrills, this is the ride for you. It's a 17-story water slide in Kansas city billed as the world's tallest and fastest. The current speed record is 65 miles per hour on a slide in brazil. The builders of this one say they can top that. It's called the "verrckt"-- German for "insane". It opens this spring.

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