Hot Shots Monday

Hot Shots Monday

From a tiny turtle baby boom on the beaches of Mexico, to a 5K run with the wackiest mustaches you've ever seen, here's today's Hot Shots.

Imagine starting out life on the beach. That's how three and a half million tiny sea turtles began their lives, on a Mexican beach. They hatch, then quickly make their way to the water-- well, as quickly as a turtle can run. Oddly, despite their population burst, this species is actually engangered. But what a sight!

A new hotel with an ocean view, literally. The manta resort off the coast of Tanzania us underwater! The rooftop deck is at sealevel, but the rest is below. It's become a popular place for divers to stay. But it's not cheap. Try 15-hundred dollars a night for a two person stay.

Finally, facial hair made a big comeback sunday. Dozens of locals laced up their running shoes and glued on their wildest mustache in southern California for the annual 5-k mustache dash. Some went all out with the most outrageous mustache they could plaster on their upper lip. One looked like a broom it was so thick! The run is geared to raise awareness for men's health issues including prostate cancer.

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