Hot Shots Monday

Hot Shots Monday

From a dangerous shower of ice sheets falling onto a city street, to a wild world record handstand attempt, we've got your Monday edition of Hot Shots.

Amazing pictures of huge sheets of ice falling from the roof of a Texas apartment building. And you can see what happens to the cars below. Those are heavy sheets of ice! Several cars were damaged but luckily no one was hurt.

We've seen hotdog eating contests, but shrimp cocktail eating contests? An Indianapolis restaurant hosting this chow-down sunday, featuring it's own fiery cocktail sauce. Competitive eater Joey Chestnut took home the cash prize after eating a record nine-pounds and four-ounces of shrimp in eight minutes. He's the one who wins the coney island eating contest every year.

Finally, a stunt with a twist has gone viral. A Norweigen acrobat performed the handstand on the edge of a high cliff using no safety nets or harness. He claims it's the highest one-arm handstand ever performed, but Guinness hasn't weighed in yet. Still, most of us would pass out simply walking near the edge of that cliff, let alone, perform acrobatics near it.

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