Hot Shots Monday

From world famous cheerleaders using a hula hoop camera to a college offering up a major in beer studies, we've got your Monday Hot Shots.
Frozen waterfalls in China make for a gorgeous sight. Thousands of people flock to this spot in southwestern China for the annual ice festival. The festival runs through end of March.

Cameras go everywhere, even on the hips of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. The squad shooting their swimsuit calendar in Mexico this week. They outfitted a hula hoop with a go-pro camera and let their hips do their magic.

And finally, only Canada could get away with this one, eh. A Canadian university is offering a diploma in beer. The idea is to create craftspeople for the booming craft beer industry; up 20 percent a year in Canada since 2006. It's a two-year degree focusing on beer-making and brewery operations. The college  built a state-of-the-art suds laboratory. They even have a summer internship.

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