Hot Shots Monday

Hot Shots Monday

A group of anglers get a little too close to mother nature, and a curious bear busts into a car, it's your Monday edition of Hot Shots!

Fishing is supposed to be relaxing. But for one group of anglers in texas, it was a tense brush with nature. Watch the lightning hit the water very close to their boat. The boat's driver is a 16 year old and he seems to not be too worried about it.

A husband and wife were startled to see bears rummaging through their car outside their georgia home. They say the largest bear opened the car door like it was child's play. After not finding much more than some papers and gum, the couple says the animals wandered off, leaving behind a few scratches as a reminder of their visit.

Finally, you thought the tug of war in washington was hard. In Japan they held the real thing. The annual giant tug-of-war event draws tens of thousands of people. The rope is huge-- 43 tons, and it's made of rice straw. The event is said to have started hundred of years ago as a national celebration.

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