Hot Shots Monday

Hot Shots Monday

From a mustache and beard competition to a beehive spill on the highway, we've got your craziest video of the day in Hot Shots.

A hairy contest from Germany. The world beard championships pitting two hundred contestants against eachother. They even have a separate competition for best mustache. Men from twenty countries were there.

Basebal history on sale, But this wasn't about balls and bats. Items from the houston astrodome went on sale this weekend. Squares of astroturf... Benches, even lockers used by the astros and oilers, the two teams who played there. The astrodome was the world's first multipurpose domed stadium when it opened in 1965. It's been closed since 2009. It may be turned into a convention center.

Finally, a sticky situation on a georgia highway after a truck carrying bee hives and a load of honey overturned. Apparently the truck suffered a blowout. You can see the fire crews spraying water to control the bees but it only did so much.

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