Hot Shots Monday

Hot Shots Monday

From a new dining experience 150 feet in the air on a platform, to an incredible skydiving record, we've got your Monday Hot Shots.

Free-fall art. That's the best way to describe the new world skydiving record set over the wekend. 63 women ranging from 20 to 53 years old-- making the largest all-female formation in a skydive. It's a freefall for a minute and a half at 165 miles per hour. After they make the "flower" shape comes the hard part, breaking formation. They have to be careful not to fly into one another.

Fasten your seats belts. Dinner is served! It's called sky dining, and it's the latest rage in Mexico City. Diners are hoisted on a platform attached to a crane 147 feet above the ground to dine on chef-prepared meals. The platform has 22 seats and guests can mingle while taking in the breath-taking view. It's not cheap. Dinner starts at 230 dollars a plate.

Finally, check out the bird's eye view of the Australian outback. Wild-life rangers attached a camera along the riverbank hoping to record crocodiles. But the camera vanished. They thought it had fallen into the water. Instead an eagle picked it up and flew 70 miles, getting these incredible shots.

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