Hot Shots Monday

From an incredible city built of ice and snow to a dog who can't help but try to eat the streaming snow from his owner's snowblower, we've got your wild Monday Hot Shots.
Clearing snow is a chore, unless you're Bailey the lab.  He's having a heck of a time chasing around her owner's snowblower in Boston this weekend. She's following him up and down the driveway.

Looks like the Vegas strip from this angle, but it's a frozen festival made of ice and snow in China.  Check out that ice slide!
They built replicas of the Colosseum and Empire State building.  And the temperature over the weekend?  Twenty below!

Finally, they're getting ready for a big debut in the nation's Capitol. The national zoo at the Smithsonian in Washington showing off its newest panda cub today.  The showing was only for the media. The public debut is later this month. Her name is bao bao. 

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