Hot Shots Thursday

From a cheerleading stunt hundreds of feet in the air to a world record sushi attempt, we've got your Thursday Hot Shots.
The cheer team for the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars took their show from the sidelines to the sky. The ladies performing gravity-defying stunts on a zipline above the stadium earlier this week. Not sure if you'll see this as a future half-time show, but it shows these ladies aren't afraid to fly.

Now this is a sushi-roll. More than a hundred sushi chefs joining forces in Hong Kong to set a guiness record for the world's largest sushi mosaic.
It's made up of more than 20-thousand pieces of sushi covering 123 square feet. The event took place in an ice arena to keep the uncooked fish cold.

Finally, you say there's no time to exercise? One company figured out a nice compromise. The dispatchers at this Kansas sheriff's office  exercise at work using a treadmill. It's a slow pace, two miles per hour, but it adds up. If he needs a break, he just presses the pause button. But officials say it keeps them alert-- somethinig every dispatcher needs, especially those working the night shift.

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