Hot Shots Thursday

Hot Shots Thursday

From big rig cops looking for illegal texters to a wild pumpkin grab and dash, we've got today's Hot Shots!

You shouldn't text and drive. But the cops in tennessee have found a way to catch people who break the law. They swap out their squad cars for big rigs! By sitting higher it's easier to catch violators. Dozens of drivers were ticketed in a one-day sweep. By the way, the rig is clearly marked as a state trooper vehicle.

Here's a great halloween deal-- all the pumpkins you can carry for five bucks! It's the great pumpkin grab at the santa monica california farmers market. Even the kids got in on the act. Shoppers hoisted, balanced and carried the gourds down a 25-foot runway and across the finish line.

Finally, residents in one norwegian town finally get to see the light! For six months out of the year the village is blanketed in darkness, But three 180 square foot mirrors placed on a mountainside reflect sunlight down to the village. It's not as bright as direct sunligh, but it beats taking a tram to the top of the mountain to get your dose of vitamin D.

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