Hot Shots Thursday

Hot Shots Thursday

From a chapel built out of an underground salt mine, to a volcano making a new island, we've got your wild video for today's Hot Shots.

This incredible video taken off the coast of Japan. The new island's birth was seen by the japanese coast guard, then word got out about the volcano and cameras captured the action. The new island is small, no room for hotels yet. It's only 660 feet in diameter.

It's the oldest excuse in the book, "my dog ate my homework." But in this case it turned out to be true--- and painfully so. Payton's dog Reggie decided he wanted to be a part of her science project, a mock volcano, so he ate it. Payton made the volcano out of candy and pinned the candy to a foam base. The xray showed some fifty pins in reggie's stomach. Surgery was successful and reggie is fine. Oh, and Payton was able to re-do the project for full credit.

Finally, check out this chapel in Poland. What's different about this house of worship; It's 331-feet underground and it's made entirely of salt! It took 67 years for miners to carve out the chapel from a salt mine. The figures and altars, even the chandeliers are all made of rock salt.

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