Hot Shots Thursday

From a car made of ice to a missed connection and the woman who's going to some unusual lengths to find her Mr. Right, we've got your Thursday Hot Shots.
A Canadian car battery company created the world's first driveable ice truck to prove it's product could stand up to frigid temps. The stripped the cab and body from a silverado, then replaced it with ice. They used it in a commercial, then it melted.

A nature tour in Idaho offering some amazing and rare sights. Visitors can see bald eagles in their natural habitat. Bald eagles migrate to this area of Idaho in search of food. You can see the birds perched in trees, or if you're lucky, flying majestically.

Finally a missed connection with an open ending. A Virginia woman named Courtney met a guy named Ben at a restaurant bar a few weeks ago. They spoke for hours, but didn't exchange phone numbers. Courtney regretted it and so, she hung up signs all around town hoping to find her prince charming. She's gotten a lot of encouragement and a few potential dates, but so far, no Ben. A few restaurants have even offered a free dinner if she ever finds her missed connection.

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