Hot Shots Thursday

Hot Shots Thursday

From the strangest artist we've ever seen, to a car-train collision worthy of a Hollywood movie stunt, here's today's best video we call Hot Shots.

Not sure if this first video is an example of stupidity or brilliance. Watch this argentinian painter-- he never uses a paint brush. He snorts paint into his nose and then squirts it out of his eye! He actually tears up and weeps out watercolors for his art. And you guessed it... He's now a star in the local arts scene. He uses a special paint that doesn't harm his vision.

A scary sight in odessa, Texas. An eighteen wheeler bottomed out on the tracks at a busy train crossing just as a train was approaching. The driver was able to bail-but the truck stayed stuck. Incredibly no one was hurt.

And finally, they say you're only as old as you feel.  Jack grayson is feeling so good, he decided to jump out of a plane to celebrate his birthday. His 90th birthday! Grayson says your attitude is one of the things that keeps you alive and he proves just that by making the 14-thousand foot jump.

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