Hot Shots Thursday

Hot Shots Thursday

From the amazing dance moves of a kid drum major to the strangest new world records, we've got your best video of the day in Thursday Hot Shots.

The best things come in small packages. Check out this new drum major at a Florida high school. This is five-year-old Tah-rahn-zah Mac-kelvin. He says he learned his cool moves from watching old band videos. He was recruited to perform for a local high school's big rivalry game.

A wild accident in a highway tunnel caught on tape. A truck making it's way down an australian highway slams into the tunnel ceiling. The truck gets torn apart sending debris flying everywhere, even onto other cars in the tunnel. It appears the carrier was rising up when it happened and officials say the driver accidentially hit the controls as he tried picking up his glasses.

Finally, it was world record day in london, and a bunch of circus performers set the record for most hula hoops spun simultaneously. Wow you'd have to have very strong abs to do that. Also in England, they set the record for "largest gathering of people dressed like a penguin". Three hundred twenty-five people set the record.

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