Hot Shots Tuesday

Hot Shots Tuesday

From an incredible fireworks display to usher in 2014 to the odd-ball drops some cities use to ring in the New Year, we've got your Tuesday Hot Shots.

Look at that! They know how to ring in 2014 in Dubai as fireworks light up the skyline. An array of 400-thousand pyrotechnics shooting out from the world's tallest building, all part of an attempt to set a world record.  It took 100 computers to synch the fireworks with the music.

A Florida man got an unexpected visitor, a huge black bear.  Apparently he smelled some used cooking oil the homeowner left on his porch.
The man says he was eating pizza when the bear came around, so maybe he wanted a slice.

Finally, the times square new year's ball drop is iconic, but it's not the only one.  For example Hawaiians ring in the new year with a pineapple drop. Alabamans say hello to 2014 with a moon pie drop. In Atlanta it's a peach. In Tennessee a music note. And the king of odd-ball drops?
In Key West Florida they've been dropping a drag queen shoe at the stroke of midnight for many years.

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