Hot Shots Tuesday

Hot Shots Tuesday

From a dangerous rescue of a worker dangling off a water tower, to a backwards highway driver, we've got your Hot Shots for this Tuesday night.

A wild rescue off a water tower to start things off. A virginia worker got suspended one hundred twenty feet in the air for 45 minutes. He'd been repairing the water tower when his repel gear stopped working. A back-up safety rope saved his life-- but he was left dangling in the air. They had to actually climb the tower because fire ladders weren't long enough.

Cameras along a chinese highway catching this woman driving backwards. She told police she missed her exit... How far back was the exit? A mile! You can see she tries to stay on the shoulder but often veers into traffic, again she's going backwards. Again, kids, lesson learned, take the next exit.

Finally, amazing video of a chase that ends with a Michigan state trooper and the man he was chasing flying off a bridge. It all started with a high speed chase that ended on the bridge. The trooper suffered a back injury, the suspect a broken leg and wrist. The suspect is now in jail.

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