Hot Shots Tuesday

Hot Shots Tuesday

From adorable tiger cubs making their public debut, to a dog and baby getting cuddly nap time it's a very cute Hot Shots for your Tuesday.

An adorable debut for a pair of tiger cubs in Washington, D.C. Two-thirteen week old sumatran tiger cubs make their public debut. They had to pass a swim reliability test first, making sure they could keep their heads above water and climb onto dry land. Now -- they can explore the yard with their mother.

In Edmonton, Alberta, a curious cat interrupted the news. The news crew was working on a story about cameras on school buses when the cat pulled a feline photobomb. He hops on top of the camera guys head-- then onto the camera. Luckily a producer was there to capture the images.

Finally, everyone loves a baby picture. But combine it with a cute puppy picture and you've got an internet sensation. This is Beau and Theo. The sleepy duo have become nappy friends. Their mom rescued theo when he was eight weeks and she believes he associates beau as his litter mate. Everytime she put Beau to sleep, the puppy crawls up next to him.

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