Hot Shots Tuesday

It's an all-animal Hot Shots including a wild moose chase down a snow covered mountain and a close encounter with a laid back shark off the coast of Hawaii.
Bullfighting should be left to the bullfighters. One woman found that out the hard way. She reportedly fell into the ring at a bullfighting festival in Costa Rica. The bull locked onto her, charged her and tossed her into the crowd! She had minor injuries. Later she said she was terrified but was able to laught about it.

An unexpected visitor shows up during a diving expedition off the coast of Hawaii. A group of divers spotted this giant whale shark. They're solitary creatures who generally don't bother humans.

Finally, a wild moose chase down a snowboarding trail. Watch as the boarders fly down the mountain, catch up to the moose, then the animial turns and the cameraman wipes out. They posted the video on facebook, but local wildlife officials didn't think it was funny. They finded the pair 225 bucks for harassing wildlife. The boarders say they were just trying to get around the animal and they're thinking about fighting the fine.

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