Hot Shots Tuesday

Hot Shots Tuesday

From a geese "tsunami" taking off like a wave right at a quick-thinking cameraman, to a short order cook famous for his pancake artwork, we've got your Tuesday Hot Shots.

We've all seen migrating geese this time of year. If you look up in the sky it's pretty common. But how about from the ground. This youtube video is called "geese tsunami" and you can see why. Thousands of Canadian snow geese take off from a park at the same time.Apparently a few people did get geese droppings on them... But they said it was worth it just to see and hear an amazing side of nature.

Brazen thieves ram a store in Michigan, and it's caught on tape. Watch as the dark van parks on the street. Then a jeep smashes into the store. Seconds later, the crooks rush inside, stealing as many pricey jackets as they could. The whole thing took less than a minute, meaning these guys clearly knew what they were doing.

Finally, christy since you were born near St. Louis, did you ever eat at this joint? Dan drake is the picasso of pancakes. His creations at the courtesy diner in st. Louis are making him world famous. He does everything from smiley faces to mario brothers. He hopes to one day own his own food truck.

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