Hot Shots Wednesday

Hot Shots Wednesday

From a deer taking a quick dash into a computer classroom, to the strangest punting style ever seen on the gridiron, we've got your Wednesday Hot Shots.

In Indiana a deer can be seen jumping through a window in the computer lab. Maybe he had to update his facebook page. But then decides to enter the building again, this time using the door. After a few failed attempts, the deer runs away.

South Carolina gamecocks punter patrick fish has come up with an unusual take on kicking. Watch as he spins the football with his feet, then kicks it through the uprights! Not sure if he'll use it in a game, but he's certainly practiced it because he makes it a perfect kick almost every time.

Finally, even old dinosaurs have to take a bath. It had been ten years since "Sue" the tyranosaurous rex at the chicago museum had gotten a proper cleaning-- and workers said she was getting filled with dust and cobwebs. So the 42-foot-long skeleton had a detailed dusting. Sue will soon be celebrating her ten year anniversary on display at the museum

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