Hot Shots Wednesday

Hot Shots Wednesday

From an Ilinois man with bionic arms, a cute baby panda taking its first steps, to the nation's best restroom, we've got your Hot Shots.

Jim young lost his arms in an accident, but he now has his independence back. The Chicago resident can do everything from fold towels to grab his favorite drink out of the refrigerator. Researchers inserted a computer chip, similar to the one in cell phones, to a prosthetic arm. The chip is able to read signals from the brain, commanding the prosthetic what to do. Jim says the computer can even calibrate his motion and remember them to learn his specific movements.

The baby panda at the national zoo in Washington D.C. takes her first steps. Well, maybe it was more like a scoot. She's only a few weeks old but already weights 10 pounds. The zoo is running an online naming contest. The winner will be announced December first.

Finally, when you gotta go, it's nice to go in the best. The best restroom in america is... Drum roll... At a music club in Minneapolis Minnesota. According to cintas, the bathroom supply company, the varsity theater has the nation's most comfy comfort station in the country. The sinks have pedal-powered showerhead faucets. Nice brick wall decor. It's a sweet resting spot. And the ladies room has four times as many stalls as the men's room.

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