Hot Shots Wednesday

From a rogue wave sweeping away onlookers along a beachfront, to the coolest vending machine we've ever seen, we've got your Wednesday Hot Shots.
Look at this one from a Minnesota overpass. The car sliding on black ice, flying through the guard rail, off the road and into a pond 40-feet below.
It even twists mid-air! Luckily the driver was wearing a seatbelt and will be okay.

From ice to waves. Watch as this huge wave crashes into the Portugal coastline. Panicked onlookers run for safety. The forces of the waves even dragged a few cars along with it.

Finally, try getting your vending machine at work to do this: Make a burrito! It's called the burrito box and it's debuting in Southern California. It makes the burrito hot with six different varieties and sides! You make your choice, pay and watch a music video while the burrito is steam heated.
It's so popular, customers have complained the machine is sold out!
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