Hot Shots Wednesday

Hot Shots Wednesday

From snow surfers to a daring ice rescue, we've got an wintry-weather version of Hot Shots.

Basic nature fact, deer can't skate. And so it took a hovercraft rescue crew in Minnesota to get three deer off an icy lake. They tried to coax the animals to leave, but it was too slippery. So they tied a rope around them and safely dragged them back to the edge of the lake one at a time.

Minnesotans are hearty people, but this is ridiculous! Surfers on Stony Point Beach went snow surfing today. Isn't it hard enough staying up on the board without snow hitting you in the face? I guess you don't have to shovel the snow in this sport.

Finally, today is wednesday in case you forgot. Commonly referred to as "hump day". A morning news crew in Oklahoma City took a page out of the geico commercial and brought a live camel in as part of their show. Sassy the camel made her tv debut, all part of a local holiday show "journey to bethlehem".

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