Hot Shots Wednesday

Hot Shots Wednesday

From dashcam video of a police officer saving a man from a burning car, to a publicity stunt in Russia that went horribly wrong, we've got your Wednesday hot shots.

I guess Russian lawmakers are not a fan of high-priced fashion. Look at this publicity stunt in red square in Moscow. It's a huge louis vuitton suitcase! It was housing a charity exhibition about the history of travel. Well, Russia's top brass said "neyet" and ordered it removed.

A quick thinking hero saves the day. Watch as officer scott krissinger saves a man from a burning car in southern New Jersey. You can see drissinger rush to the burning pickup and pull the driver out just as the flames engulf the car. What's amazing is, he goes back a second time to make sure there were no passengers. The driver is in critical but stable condition.

Finally, dog owners like to pamper their pooches, but this is ridiculous! It's called "bedazzling" and it's the latest trend in doggie fashion. Owners can choose from rhinestones, feathers, even temporary tattoos. The dogs were quoted as saying, "eh... Whatever he wants, just keep the bowl filled".

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