"I Am Rockford" Hoping to Remodel Local Businesses

"I Am Rockford" Hoping to Remodel Local Businesses

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Rockford- Rockford Volunteers are getting out their paint brushes for a local business. Ritchel's Market is being completely renovated by the organization "I AM Rockford."


Their goal is to help clean up the Forest City.


I Am Rockford Organizer Chad Hampton says "we are just here as people of Rockford saying hey, we live in Rockford, you live in Rockford. So we want to help any way we can. We love and we want to show our love. Just show our support by doing things not just talking about it."


This makeover includes putting up a new sign, sealing the parking lot, and painting the outside of the building.


Owner Jason Ritschels says he couldn't be more thankful.


Ritschels says "it's great. I was very happy to hear that people in Rockford care about their community and come out and make a difference."


And he knows a few touch ups to the store could help provide a boost in business.


Ritschels says "curve appeal is very big as well. So people can come by and they can say hey look there is a business before that we've gone to and now it's all nice and prettied up."


More then one hundred Stateliners got their hands dirty fixing up the place. Many of them realizing that if they want the city to change, they have to be the ones to do it.


Volunteer Greg Hawkins says "this is awesome. I mean you always read in Forbes Magazine that we're one of the worst cities to live in out of the top three hundred. So anything we can do to help the city a better place for everybody involved.  


The group plans to work on more Rockford buildings and businesses throughout the summer. They are hoping others help join the cause.


Hampton says "so it can be a city wide effort, not just a certain group of people. So everyone can take the responsibility that hey I'm Rockford. If I'm going to complain about my city the only person I can point at is myself."

For more information on the organization visit their website at www.iamrockford.org

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