“I killed a Man” YouTube Confession Sends Powerful Message to DUI Offenders

“I killed a Man” YouTube Confession Sends Powerful Message to DUI Offenders

A shocking DUI internet confession is making drivers take a second look at the recent tragedies.

The video is called "I Killed a Man." The YouTube clip packs a powerful punch as the driver confesses to his crime; sending a message to DUI offenders.

"I was out with some friends. We were all drinking really heavily, just hopping from bar to bar just trying to have a good time and I lost control," confessed Ohio Man Matthew Cordle.

Cordle filmed the YouTube confession about the fateful night he decided to get into his truck blacked out. Cordle killed Vincent Canzani, 61.  Lawyers told Cordle they could get his blood test thrown out. He did not want to go down that path.

"If I took a different route maybe I would get a reduced sentence and maybe I would get off but I won't dishonor Vincent’s memory by lying about what happened," said Cordle to the camera.

Instead he's signed a promise card taking full responsibility for what he's done.

It is part of the "Because I said I Would" social movement dedicated to encouraging positive change.

Drinking and driving is not only an issue across the country, but right here in the Stateline. In a little over two weeks Illinois State Police paired with Rockford officers and arrested seven people for DUI in the Forest City alone.

Delaney Nipper is about to get her license. She watched Cordle's confession and says it's something drivers of all ages can learn from.

"I thought it was sad because a lot of this stuff happens on a daily basis and people don't get it. That it can not only injure them, but other people too," said Nipper.

For more information on the social movement you can visit http://becauseisaidiwould.com/ 

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