In a Divisive Political Environment, One Question on Which Most Americans Agree

In a Divisive Political Environment, One Question on Which Most Americans Agree

Gallup Poll shows strong majority of Americans believe the time has come for a third political party.
WTVO/WQRF -- Do you want a third party to contend with the Democratic and Republican Parties?  Yes -- yes you do! -- according to a new Gallup poll.  In a world of divisive politics and political beliefs, poll results show it is one of the few topics where Republicans, Democrats and Independents mostly agree.

60% of Americans polled say a third party is needed in the U.S., the highest number Gallup has seen since they started asking the question ten years ago.  By contrast, just 26% of Americans believe the two-party system adequately represents them. 

That means that even many Democrats and Republicans want to see a third party form.  Gallup found that 52% of Republicans believe a third party is needed while 49% or Democrats do.  Never before has a majority of those polled from one political party topped the 50% mark in a Gallup poll on the desire for a third party.

But the real driving force between the desire for a third political party is among Independents, a group which has steadily grown in size as more moderate-learning Americans bolt from each party.  Independents now make up the largest political segment of the U.S. population, and 71% of them would prefer a third party choice in elections.

Easier said than done.  Third parties have formed and failed since the two party Democrat/Republican system took hold in the 1800's.  The most recent failed attempt was Ross Perot's Reform Party in the 1990's. 

Many beleve, however, that the structural impediments to forming a third party are lowering as the influence of political parties wane.  Politcal parties are no longer a critical component for fundraising as candidates use the internet for direct political outreach and raising contributions.  Incumbants such as Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and former Senator Joe Liberman (I-CT) lost their party's primary and were still able to win re-election.  In Murkowski's race, she remarkably won as a write-in candidate against both Democratic and Republican party nominees.

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