JFK Here and Now

JFK Here and Now

DALLAS - Tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary of one of America's most tragic days.
DALLAS - Tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary of one of America's most tragic days, the assassination of President Kennedy.

It's a moment that still fascinates the nation. Tonight, reporter Evan Onstot talks with witnesses who were there fifty years ago tomorrow.

"And then they turned the corner and... Boom."

Down the street, James Tague had just stepped out of his car.

"And no more than I do that, that I hear somebody throwing a firecracker. It was actually the first shot. And I'm thinking to myself why would someone throw a firecracker, the police are going to get them for sure. And then crack crack, two rifle shots, and the something stings me in the face."

Allman looked across the street and saw people in the lower floors of the school book depository leaning out the windows and looking up.

"To this day, I couldn't tell you if I saw the rifle barrel or not, but on the second shot, you could tell the president had been hit. But he didn't slump forward, his hands went up to his chin. and just in a split second, the third shot, and Kennedy went back and forth."

President Kennedy had been hit twice, Governor John Connely was also shot. The first few moments were pure chaos.

"There's numerous people running up the hill alongside Elm Street near the Simmons Freeway, police officers are rushing up the hill."

On the grassy knoll, a couple shielded their young children on the ground. Allman crossed the street to check on them.

"I went down and said, 'Are you okay?' He said, yea but they got the president. They blew the side of his head in." 

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