Rockford Mom Accused Of Killing Her Own Son Asks For New Judge

ROCKFORD - Lawyer for Jody Kossow files motion for a new judge.
Thomas Kossow Laid to Rest
Thomas Kossow Laid to Rest

UPDATE: ROCKFORD - Lawyer for Jody Kossow files motion for a new judge.  They want a Chief Judge to be assigned the case.  Kossow will appear back in court again Friday morning at 9am.

UPDATE: Jody Kossow appeared in court Friday morning.  Judge Fernando Engelsma has been assigned to her case.  She'll appear in court Oct. 17 for an arraignment hearing.

ROCKFORD -- There were many tears and many hugs today at the funeral of little Thomas Kossow.  And people reached deep into their pockets
and hearts to make sure he could have a proper burial.

Four young pall-bearers carry Thomas Kossow's body to the awaiting Hearst Friday night.  But friends of the family know that his memory will live on, “I would hope that everyone here would not  dwell on the way he died, but the way he lived: with a smile on his face."

Thomas’s cousin, Misty Halterman-Ahrens speaks about how close knit the family truly was, “Thomas and his Dad were best friends and were constantly by each other's side."

The horror for the Kossow family began on Wednesday after Thomas was murdered outside their house. His mother, Jody, is accused of killing him. She faces two first degree murder charges.

Thomas's funeral was paid for in part by donations through online fundraising. As of Friday afternoon, they reached their goal of $8000. There is also a memorial fund set up through Associated Bank that the public is welcome to donate to.

Family, friends and even strangers met at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Rockford on Friday to pay respect to Thomas and his family.  They held a public visitation from 3:00pm – 5:15pm and had the private service at 5:30pm.

Halterman-Ahrens say, “We will lovingly lay Thomas to rest with his Lightning McQueen pillow and his blanket...that he slept with every night. We love you Thomas."

Now the hardest part begins for the Kossow family: living each day without their eight year old child.

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