Katie Stockton Sentenced to 50 Years in Jail for Murder of Baby Crystal

<font size="3" face="Times New Roman">Nine years after the death of Baby Crystal her killer is finally brought to justice. Her own mother Katie Stockton, 32, was sentenced today to 50 years.</font><font size="3" face="Times New Roman"> </font>

Nearly a decade after Baby Crystal was found on the side of a rural Winnebago County Road her mother who admitted to her murder is sentenced.


"I think the judge sent a strong message to this community and to all communities that this is a tragic event that has occurred. A mother has taken her child's life and that this type of conduct is not going to be tolerated in this community or any other," said Winnebago County States Attorney Joe Bruscato.


Winnebago County Judge John Truitt listened to hours of testimony before sentencing Katie Stockton to 50 years in prison. More than a dozen witnesses including doctors, police officers, and Stockton's former co-workers took the stand.


"I think it's a horrible offense and I think Judge Truitt got it right when he called it heinous," explained Bruscato.


For the first time, Judge Truitt allowed testimony and pictures of two infant skeletal remains found in the trunk of Stockton's car in 2009. DNA experts said Stockton can't be ruled out as the mother of those children. Similar to Baby Crystal those newborns were wrapped in clothing and plastic bags. No charges have been filed in their deaths.


Prosecutors argued Stockton had plenty of options if she didn't feel ready for another baby.


"Adoption, safe haven, family and when you make choices to avoid or not make use of those options the message is that there are severe consequences," said Bruscato.


Before closing arguments Stockton spoke to the court apologizing to her family and son. 

Upon sentencing Judge Truitt referenced the evidence saying it speaks volumes to Stockton's character. Proving if something doesn't fit her lifestyle she discards it.


Stockton is not eligible for parole. Also, she will receive credit for the 3 years she's already served. Her family refused to comment about the sentence.


As far as the deaths of the other two infants prosecutors say those cases are still under investigation.


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