Lacrosse Tourist Leave Impressed with Rockford

Lacrosse Tourist Leave Impressed with Rockford

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The Shamrock Lacrosse Club has competed at many sports complexes throughout the Midwest.


Head coach Rick Mularoni says their experience at Rockford's Sportscore Two has been special.

Mularoni says "the facility is fantastic, the fields are well manicured, the refereeing has been fantastic, and they've got good concessions, good parking, no complaints.


This was his first time visiting the Forest City.


With his observation of the tournament so far, it won't be his last.


Mularoni says "we're looking forward to coming back here next year because there's room for expansion so as this tournament grows, it looks like this facility will be able to support it."


Rockford's desire to become a major sports destination is something officials believe can be a boost to the local economy.


Michigan native Mark Midgley sees that happening.


Midgley says "I run a soccer club where we have 1100 kids, and this would be a great destination for soccer. The soccer fields, I mean these fields have been designed for soccer and lacrosse. They are just beautiful."


It's not the same city Chicago Native Colin Alfonso used to visit growing up.


Wisconsin native Alfonso "all I remember was the Belvidere plant and Rockford being a sleepy city way northwest of Chicago. But now it seems more central. You see the airport, seems to be a lot more going on."


But will NXT Sports come back? Well that's a no brainer.


Colin Ambler of NXT Sports says "it's been a joy to work with Sportscore Two. We would be crazy not to come back."

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