Local Bars Prepare for Dangerous Conditions on New Year's Eve

ROCKFORD- RBI's in Rockford is looking forward to a packed house.
ROCKFORD- RBI's in Rockford is looking forward to a packed house at tonight's New Year's celebration.

Manager Neal Kramer doesn't believe the snow storm will hold back stateliners from coming out to celebrate. 

"Most of our clientele and customers are college kids. Especially now that they're back and any chance that they have to go out have a little fun meet up with their friends before they go back to school and start studying again, they'll come out," said Kramer.

But Kramer says they planned ahead to get customers home safe in the snow.

"So we actually pay your cab drive home up to ten miles. So, no one has to worry about going home or getting a DUI and they can enjoy themselves. And then we also have the designated driver of Illinois so for a small fee they drive you and your vehicle home so then you don't have to worry about picking it up in the morning," said Kramer.

Even Rockford street Superintendent Mark Stockman is preparing crews for more traffic tonight.

"We met with our drivers and  we put them on notice that you know theres going to be some extra traffic out there tonight and they need to watch out for the other guy themselves."

Those hitting stateline roads tonight are asked give themselves time, to cope with the combination of lots of cars and plenty of snow.

"Any areas that have restaurants or combination bar restaurants will very likely see high levels of traffic main corridors of east State street, Mulford, Perryville, and Alpine. Those will likely be the busiest streets on New Years Eve," said Stockman.  
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