Love Week Brings the Community Together

Love Week Brings the Community Together

ROCKFORD – If you're looking to giving back to the community--this may be the perfect weekend to start. One local church hosts its annual Stateline blitz of volunteering.
ROCKFORD – Where there's volunteering, there's love. And where there's love, there's Love Week.  Rockford First spearheads its second annual community-wide week of service.  Lisa Seaton is the Communication Director for the local church: “Our slogan here is that we love God, we love people, and we love life.  And 'Love Week' helps us put that into action, where we really get to show our love for God, we get to show our love for people, and we have a lot of fun while doing it."

Their goal? To spend over 10,000 hours volunteering in the community. Nathan Evans and his friends are just a few of the hundreds giving back this week.  Today they're cleaning up the playground at Nelson Elementary.  Evans says, “Opportunities would come up and i would hear about it at church, and it's like, 'hey, you get to invest in your community this way, or invest in your community that way.' so i would get involved.

And school officials love the extra hands.  Vivian Kueter is the Assistant Principal at Nelson Elementary and says, “I think it's great to have volunteers out.  Because it takes the pressure off of us to have to go out there and clean it up."

But Evans doesn't do it for the praise: “It's a way for me to show the way that Jesus has worked in my own life.  It's a way for me to push that back into other people's lives.

Folks have already donated over 11,000 hours to the community and with more events planned this weekend, Rockford first can expect that number to grow. Seaton says, “I think once you start giving, it's contagious and you realize that is really fulfilling for you and it blesses the people who are on the receiving end."

And when all the raking and cutting is finished, they put a sign in the ground to let the neighborhood know that some good has been done.
The event lasts through the weekend.
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