Medicaid Recipients Lose Free Assisted Mobility

Medicaid Recipients Lose Free Assisted Mobility

Some drastic changes are coming to Illinois Medicaid recipients.

FREEPORT -- "Three times a week, somebody was coming to take her. I enjoyed that, I knew they were keeping an eye on her, I knew she was going to get to dialysis."  But Marietta Stanfa’s sister, Joan, will have to find a new way to get to DaVida Dialysis.

Assisted Mobility Solutions is no longer able to cover the cost of transporting Stephenson county Medicaid recipients to and from their homes.  Director Bob Esmond explains, "Assisted mobility has been doing these transports for several years.  All during that time, they've been losing
money on it. The state simply doesn't reimburse enough to cover the cost."

Every time Esmond's company takes a Medicaid patient to receive care, Assisted Mobility Solutions has to subsidize the state $10, and it adds up.  Each month, the company loses over $3000.  He says, "There's no political will, there's nobody in Springfield really listening to this because everybody's saying the same thing: we need to get paid more, we need to get paid more.  So, they're just deaf to the outcry."

Marietta agrees, “Governor Quinn is not taking care of the sick and the elderly. We're getting ignored."

But Quinn says that the Illinois had to reassess Medicaid: "We want to have as good a Medicaid program as we can.  At the same time it was in a severe deficit--it was headed to a $17 billion deficit.  We had to make some changes that were necessary to keep the basic system in tact."

But Marietta, herself a high-risk surgery patient, says lives are at stake: "You know this guy's worried about ten dollars; he's going to kill the two of us if we don't get better service. Cause I need to get to my doctor and she needs to get to her doctor."

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