Mom Leaves 2 Young Children in a Cold Turned-Off Car

Mom Leaves 2 Young Children in a Cold Turned-Off Car

BELOIT – Wind chills last night plummeted to -34°F and the simplest way to keep kids safe is bring them indoors. Something that a Wisconsin mother didn't do Monday evening.
BELOIT – 23 year old Codi Davis is accused of leaving her 18 month and five year old children in an unattended vehicle with the engine turned off.  Fire Chief Brad Liggett says that kids are even more at risk in extreme temps, “Children are additionally susceptible because of the size of their head in proportion to their body. Children lose heat a lot quicker through their head than they do on their body cuz it's much larger."

Davis allegedly went into the Beloit Wal-Mart for ten minutes while her kids were exposed to dangerously cold conditions. Liggett continues saying, “Cold causes hypothermic reaction, can cause frost nip, frost bite, and those injuries can be very severe leading up to and including death."

Police were waiting for her when she came back to the car and arrested her with 2 misdemeanor counts of child neglect.  Captain Dan Risse with the Beloit police department says she's lucky her kids weren't hurt, “In order for the child neglect to become a felony, there has to be some sort of injury to the child."

Andrea Gentry has a 2 year old grandson of her own and is shocked someone would do such a thing, “What was it that she couldn't bring them inside? She brought them out in this temperature, how come she couldn't take them into the store?”

But Risse says this happens more than you think, “It can't be stressed enough. We see these types of incidents as a nation, or a state, repeatedly."
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