New Billboard Causing Plenty of Controversy

New Billboard Causing Plenty of Controversy

JANESVILLE – A new billboard in has a message that is sparking a lot of controversy. You might say it's a matter of life and death.
JANESVILLE – The sign reads “Enjoy Life Now: There is No Afterlife.  Located near the I-39/90 junction in Janesville, the message is turning a lot of heads, including Paul Speerbrecker, a local pastor, “I don't think that you have to deny an afterlife in order to enjoy life today."

The man behind the sign, Wayne Hensler, is a longtime member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. He says on the foundation's website the billboard is, “Something that will make people think a little bit, and maybe help them make a little more joy in life."

The message, ironically placed next to a United Way billboard that reads 'Every Day Moments Can Be Learning Moments’, is making many angry including Jose Aranda, “He doesn't see that the devil is using him to send the wrong message."

Hensler purchased a billboard with a similar message back in 2010, but it was vandalized after just two weeks."  Behavior which the Rock County Sheriff, Robert Spoden, says is unacceptable: “If someone attempts to damage the sign because of the message they disagree with, we're gonna investigate it as we would any other criminal damage to property crime."

Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of the Freedom from Religion Foundation merely wants their voice to be heard, “There are churches on practically every other corner with crosses and steeples and religious marquees. And, gee, can't we just have one message that has a non-religious point of view once in a while?"

Even Speerbrecker thinks there's some good that can come from the sign, “I look forward to it being here as providing an opportunity for Christians--like myself--to speak with others who are not Christian about some very fundamental beliefs."

Whether you agree with it or not, Hensler paid for the billboard to remain up through the end of November.
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