Number of Obamacare Signups in Illinois Very Low

Number of Obamacare Signups in Illinois Very Low

Just 1,370 Illinois residents purchased private health care on exchanges in first month.
CHICAGO -- The initial enrollment numbers for Obamacare are very low for the first month after the exchanges were opened on October 1st.

Numbers supplied by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that just 1,370 people in Illinois have selected a private health care plan through 'Get Covered Illinois.'  30,901 applications were completed.

State officials are trying to put a positive spin on the numbers, with Jennifer Koehler, Executive Director of Get Covered Illinois saying in a news release, "Based on the reports from our outreach team in the field and community-based partners across the state, we expected that the early enrollment numbers would be in this range.”

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL 16), disagrees, noting that only 106,185 individuals signed up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act nationwide, including only 26,764 who signed up through the federal exchange which includes Illinois.  “The abysmal enrollment numbers released today are just another example of how this law has been doomed to fail from the start,” said Kinzinger. “With millions losing coverage and higher costs for nearly everyone, it is time for the President to admit that his law is beyond repair and work with Republicans on patient-centered solutions.”

Serious issues with the website Illinois residents use to sign up for Obamacare have been the primary culprit.  The Obama Administration has said those issues will be resolved by the end of November, but statements by those tasked with the job of making it fully functional now say that goal may be too ambitious.
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