Oregon Football Preview

Oregon High School made the playoffs six straight years before struggling to a 2-7 mark in 2012. But the Hawks think they can harness a more focused approach and the same Wing-T offense to get back to the postseason.
The Oregon Hawks made the postseason for six straight seasons before getting thumped in the Big Northern conference last season. A 2-7 record doesn't cut it at any program, especially one that is accustomed to success.

The Hawks believe they'll be better in 2013. They'll be led by senior quarterback Tyler Blume, who had 749 yards and 5 touchdowns through the air last season. Although he's a threat through the air, leading the Hawks' confusing Wing-T offense is where he'll shine. The offense has a complicated set of progressions and options for the quarterback in a crowded backfield, and Blume has confidence at the helm.

Head coach John Bothe thinks the team also has better depth than last year's unit. Citing games where his team got tired or execution waned, Bothe thinks this year's unit will put forth a more complete effort.
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