Le-Win-Forreston Football Preview

Le-Win-Forreston Football Preview

Peter Fleischer previews our Game Of The Week between Le-Win and Forreston.
They say big things can come in small packages, and as Lena-Winslow gets set to meet Forreston in week 6, it’s a clash of small school titans.

- ((Insert L3)) Ric Arand, Lena-Winslow Head Coach (:15-:19) “It’s another step toward the playoffs and solidifying a playoff bid, so from that standpoint it’s a big game and plus the rivalry over the years has been a great rivalry.”

FORRESTON-Forreston comes in at a perfect 5-0 but could be considered an underdog versus 3-2 Lena. The Panthers have won five straight in the rivalry, a fact the Cardinals refuse to ignore.

“If you want to be considered one of the best, you need to beat the Lenas, the EPCs, the Dakotas. And this is our first test and we’re ready for it," says Forreston coach Denny Diduch.

“I feel like we’ve probably been lucky over the years if we’ve had an advantage," says Le-Win coach Ric Arand. "The competition year in and year out is pretty equal.”

Both schools combined have barely 600 total students but with two of the best teams in the NUIC at battle, the team that handles the atmosphere the best might come out on top.

“Forreston is always a good team so they’re gonna bring a lot of people, and we’re gonna bring a lot of people too," says Le-Win quarterback Ben Moest. "It’s just gonna be a fun atmosphere to play football in.”

“We’re 5-0 right now so there’s a lot of distractions. It’s Homecoming Week and we need to focus on the game and we’re really excited," says Forreston's Caidin Kloepping.

Watch for highlights of this game and others Friday night at 10pm on WTVO 17. 
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