Pirri Back With IceHogs

Pirri Back With IceHogs

The AHL's scoring champion is back with the IceHogs.
ROCKFORD-Every hockey season there are players who bounce between the IceHogs and the Blackhawks.  Forward Brandon Pirri could be one of those guys this year.  At the moment he’s with the Hogs.

Pirri was with the Blackhawks during training camp until a few days ago.  He had been hoping to stick with them, but an injury during camp slowed him down.  So now he’s back and trying to stay focused.

"Just stay consistent and do what I’ve been doing," said Pirri to Eyewitness News. "They say I’ve been doing the right thing so, it’s just wait for an opportunity."

Pirri has been waiting and waiting.  This will be his fourth season in Rockford.  Other’s like Corey Crawford have also had to play that waiting game in the past.  It’s never easy.

Last season Pirri did everything he could to make a strong impression. He became the first IceHog ever to lead the AHL in scoring.  He had 75 points in 76 games.  His goal is to top that this season.

"Absolutely. I always want to get better," says Pirri.

In one memorable game against the Wolves last season Pirri had five assists and six points…both franchise records.  What clicked for him?

"I worked hard," said Pirri. "You get more comfortable as you’re in the league and a lot of guys around here got hot too, so it was getting hot at the right time, but you know I was just staying consistent."

Some in the Chicago media have speculated that the Blackhawks want Pirri to focus more on his defensive game.  But he says that has never been brought up to him by the Blakhawks coaches.

"They said my game was good.  Now I’m just waiting for an opportunity."

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