Poll Shows Rauner Growing Lead in Republican Primary Race for Governor

New 'Capitol Fax/We Ask America' poll shows businessman with big lead over nearest challenger
WTVO/WQRF-TV -- A 'Capitol Fax/We Ask America' poll published on the website 'Reboot Illinois' shows that Republican candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner's early media blitz has been working as planned.

The poll of 1,139 likely Republican primary voters taken January 14th about their preference for Governor produced the following results:

Bruce Rauner:  34%
State Sen. Bill Brady:  17%
Treasurer Dan Rutherford:  15%
State Sen. Kirk Dillard:  9%

The accompanying article notes that Rauner has used his considerable lead when it comes to campaign cash to hit the airwaves with political advertising, while not one of his opponents is on the air yet.  It has even helped Rauner overcome some missteps when it came to his position on the minimum wage and also reports of influence peddling in helping one of his children get into a top Chicago-area school.  However, both have been fairly recent and neither got much media play outside of the Chicago area.

Rauner had no name recognition coming into the crowded race, so he's accomplished that objective with a large political war chest to keep pounding home his message with Republican voters.  However, the campaign season for the March 18th primary is only now starting in earnest, and Rauner is beginning to see pushback.  Not only are the other candidates preparing to ramp up their campaigns, but there is also word that PAC's are being formed to oppose Rauner's candidacy.  There are also several debates scheduled in the coming weeks where each candidate will get a better opportunity to get their message out.

For more on the poll and analysis, click on the link below.

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