"Rachel's Challenge" at North Boone High School

"Rachel's Challenge" at North Boone High School

North Boone High School students are getting a chance to take part in one of the country's most life-changing school programs.

Poplar Grove- Students and parents gather to listen to a presentation called "Rachel’s Challenge." It was started in honor of Rachel Joy Scott the first victim of Columbine.

"Being at the high school you see a lot of bullying, a lot of teasing. A lot of students, especially new students and disadvantaged students don't feel like they belong so it's really important to change that climate," explained North Boone H.S. Superintendent Heather Walsh.

To change that climate Rachel's challenge defuses bullying, disrespect, and prejudice.

"What we're doing is showing students how to look at the bullies differently, or people that are labeled as a bully differently, we're teaching them how to have compassion. And giving them the power to change their school through positivity and kindness," explained Rachel’s Challenge Speaker Keyona Williams.

The assemblies, taking place all day for middle and high school students, are making an impact. Many teens took home valuable lessons.

"Treat people how you always want to be treated and to start a chain reaction," said student Chilo Delreal.

Rachel’s challenge doesn't stop with an assembly. Students are also training to establish a Friends of Rachel club focused on kindness and compassion.

North Boone High School now has 100 students signed up, with every signature a pledge to promote kindness.

"It’s learning how to treat each other with a little bit more kindness, respect, and understanding,” explained Williams.

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