Rep. Kinzinger's Support for Syrian Military Action Brings Challenge for Seat

Rep. Kinzinger's Support for Syrian Military Action Brings Challenge for Seat

Rockford Tea Party organizer David Hale will challenge Kinzinger for Republican nomination.
ROCKFORD -- Rep. Adam Kinzinger's support for military action in Iraq has compelled a local Tea Party activist to challenge him in the Republican primary.

David Hale says he will begin a petition drive on Friday to place his name on the ballot for the Republican nomination for Kinzinger's 16th District Congressional seat.  He cites Kinzinger's support for military action in Syria as a major motivation for seeking to unseat him.

In a news release, he says, "When a majority of the people in the 16th Congressional District call Representatives, to say NO to something as serious as this ill-conceived Syrian war, then it is time to step back and reanalyze their original assumptions about my opponent.  Our 16th District Congressman should not embrace the poor judgment of the President and House Leadership or pursue their political favor for doing so.  His record has not been to simply just ignore Constituents on this issue but on many fiscal issues that are important to the 16th.”

Kinzinger has been a vocal supporter of military action in Syria.  Appearing Sunday on ABC News 'This Week,' he even complained the White House had not responded to his offers to help build support in Congress for military action against the Assad regime.

Hale, who is a US Army veteran, admits to his own errors in judgment when it comes to issues of war and peace, and says he's learned from them.  "I supported the Iraq war," he concedes.  "I supported it only after months and months of diplomacy reached an international consensus.  And even after all of that it was proven to be a bad choice. How can we make a well-reasoned decision on a Syrian war, after a mere few weeks, and rationally expect the desired outcome?”

Hale is a Registered Nurse who organized the Rockford Tea Party in 2009.

The state primary election is in March.
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