Report: Too Much Government Costing Illinois Taxpayers Big Time

Report: Too Much Government Costing Illinois Taxpayers Big Time

Illinois Policy Institute Study finds average Illinois resident deals with five times the amount of local government agencies of average Californian.
WTVO/WQRF -- The Illinois Policy Institute has released a report showing that Illinois by far has more local government entities than any other state, and it's costing taxpayers big time.

Their analysis found Illinois has nearly 7000 local government agencies statewide, by far most of any state.  That's not just because Illinois is a big state with a larger population the authors say.

To prove its point, the IPI tooked at the five largest states in the U.S. and broke down number of local government entities per 100,000 people.  Here is how Illinois ranks.

Illinois:  54.27 government entities per 100,000.
Texas:  20.47
New York:  17.82
California:  11.88
Florida:  8.78

The report finds concludes the following:

The average Illinoisan resides in an area that has at least six layers of local government including county, township, municipality, both a primary and secondary level school district, and a community college district. 

It is also quite common to have additional layers of government such as libraries, park districts, forest preserves, fire protection, sanitation, transportation and even mosquito abatement districts. These special districts add unnecessary layers of local government and bureaucracy, leading to expensive duplication of public services.

The result is higher costs for Illinoisans. Local government is primarily financed through local property taxes, and Illinois’ high number of governments contributes to the state having the second-highest property tax rates in the nation.

To see the full report, click on the link below:
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